“The Alzheimer’s Show” tomorrow and Saturday: my competition

I’m going to the Alzheimer’s Show tomorrow and on Saturday (Friday 15th May and Saturday 16th May 2014) in London Olympia. I am looking forward to seeing and chatting with many of my friends there.

I quite like the approach of the show as it is accessible to people with dementia as well as people who help to support people living with dementia.

The show’s official flier can be downloaded off their official website.

There’ll be over exhibitors including care at home, care homes, living aids, funding, legal advice, respite care, complementary therapies, training, telecare, assistive technology, charity, research, education, finance and entertainment.

You’ll get a chance to be a “Dementia Friend“.

I have written about the five key messages of “Dementia Friends”, as my PhD was successfully awarded in the cognitive neuropsychology of dementia at the University of Cambridge.

My slot – “Meet the author”

I’m thrilled to be doing a half an hour slot called ‘Meet the author': details here.

My book is called “Living well with dementia”. It also happens to be the name of the current five-year English dementia policy, about to be renewed.


(@mrdarrengormley and I)

It has had many positive reviews, including from Prof John Hodges, a leading international expert in all dementias, including frontotemporal dementia.

I was especially honoured to receive this book review from the prestigious ‘Nursing Times‘.

I feel very strongly that living well with dementia must be a critical plank in the renewed English dementia policy, whichever party/parties come to power on May 8th 2015.

As I explained in my short article in the “ETHOS” journal, living well with dementia is perfectly understandable in the context of integrated care or whole person care.

There’s no doubt that values-based commissioning, promoting wellbeing in dementia, should be a core feature of English health policy in the near future. I discuss one application here in the Health Services Journal recently.

My competition

To be eligible you will need to be at the Alzheimer’s Show on one of the two days to pick up your prize.


Simply respond to the following –


 You must tweet this by the day on which you intend to be at the Alzheimer’s Show.