My itinerary for the Alzheimer’s Disease Conference 2015

I will be presenting 3 posters and giving one talk at the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference this year in Perth.

I am looking forward to spending the two weeks hopefully in the company of, at various times, Chris Roberts, Jayne Goodrick, Kate Swaffer, Mick Carmody, Lynda Henderson, Truthful Kindness and Simone Willig; I hope of course to be seeing many others during the course of the conference.

The stay will include Perth, Ayer’s Rock, Adelaide and Sydney.

Thanks very much to the organisers of the ADI Conference. I am honoured to be on the international advisory board this year. I was pleased to recommend most of my abstracts reviewed for this year’s conference as a peer reviewer.


My iterinary for the 30th International Conference of Alzheimer