Sale proceeds from Norman McNamara’s books will go to ‘Young Dementia UK’

Young Dementia UK is a very interesting charity.

The original name of the charity, “The Clive Project”, was a tribute to Clive and Helen. Our name change to YoungDementia UK is aimed at strengthening that tribute well into the future.

Clive was in his mid-40s when his career as an Army officer suddenly nose-dived. He had difficulty communicating with his colleagues. He was made redundant in 1992; he was 45 and his children were 3 and 4. He never worked again.

After a fraught year of failed job applications and difficulties in coping at home, Clive was forced to look for a reason for his difficulties. Clive was diagnosed with early onset dementia in December 1993.

There’s another great initiative worth noting, involving this ‘Give as you live’ website.

This website enable people to donate to a charity of their choice, just by doing their normal shopping online. You sign up to their website, then just do your shopping as you normally would (but via their website), and then they donate a percentage of the shop to the charity of your choice.

Major retailers have signed up for it – John Lewis, Tesco, Amazon etc.

So many people do their food shopping online, or buy presents and household items online. Imagine if a small donation was made to YDUK (“Young Dementia UK”) every time how much money could be raised? And as I say, it doesn’t cost the person shoppping a penny or take up any of their time!

And in another great move – sale proceeds from Norman’s books (twitter here) will go to this years nominated charity of 2014 which is Young Dementia UK.

You can view the books here on Amazon UK.



Silent Voices “My Battle With Alzheimer`s Rages On [Paperback]

Me And MY Alzheimers: Me and My Alzheimers, join me as fight the fight of my life against this awful illness: 1 [Paperback]

More Than Words, Poems by An Alzheimer`s Sufferer [Kindle Edition]

More than words, poems by an Alzheimers sufferer: My everyday fight with Alzheimers: 1 [Paperback]

The Ghost Of Marnie Jones: 1 [Paperback]

Silent Voices “My Battle With Alzheimers Rages on” [Kindle Edition]

Me And My Alzheimers [Kindle Edition]

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