My first ‘Dementia Friends’ session is tomorrow. Please sign up.

My first @DementiaFriends session is tomorrow.

“Dementia Friends” is a national initiative from the Alzheimer’s Society and Public Health England.

This session will be 45 minutes only, after which anyone who wishes to have one will receive a ‘Dementia Friends’ badge.

One problem though: you must sign up on the Dementia Friends website for you to be able to attend.

It’s being held at BPP Law School. With training contract applications deadline coming up (July 31st), you would have thought that this is a great way for commercial or corporate lawyers to be to show that they have an interest in the rest of society?

It’s open to anyone, from law student to senior law lecturer.

Why do it? There are 800 000 people living with dementia currently in the UK – it is a common set of conditions which affect thinking and behaviour due to diseases of the brain. It’s not a normal part of ageing, and it’s not just about losing your memory. I will try to explain that it’s possible to live well with dementia.

It’ll be at 3.45 pm tomorrow (Thursday 24th July 2014).

I will notify attendees of the room details very shortly.

The sign up sheet is here.

Please do come along!

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