Thanks to Caroline Bartle for an outstanding infogram of my book ‘Living well with dementia’

I’m no stranger to ‘infograms’.

‘Infograms’, ‘Information graphics’ or ‘infographics’ are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly

I first met Caroline in the Alzheimer’s Show in London Olympia earlier this year. She is incredibly enthusiastic about the dementia ecosystem – it’s completely genuine and authentic.

This #tweet suddenly appeared out of the blue from Caroline today.

Caroline is at @3SpiritUKNZ.

CB Tweet

I had the impossible task of trying to summarise my book in 20 minutes flat for the @AlzheimersShow.

But I feel living well with dementia is essentially about a person who’s received a diagnosis being fully at ease with himself or herself, and equally importantly with the world around him or her.

Thanks to Caroline

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  1. truthfulkindness July 23, 2014 / 7:15 am

    Shibley, This looks like a wonderful graphic and a very helpful book. You have great insight. I love your summary and I am sure that if I could understand your book I would tremendously appreciate it. Aricept brought my reading comprehension up to sixth grade level, and my performance IQ is still high at 119, but I don’t think I would understand much of this book. I’m so glad that Caroline was able to create the wonderful graphic. I have discovered that as a dementia patient graphics are EXTREMELY helpful in my life! — Truthful Loving Kindness (yes it is my full legal name)

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