Twitter’s telling me some of you have received my book at last!

Thanks to Rhona Light (“@Hippiepig“) for giving me feedback on my book. She was the very first to receive it.


Rhona’s copy of her book arrived yesterday.

Thanks also to @KateSwaffer for her supportive comments about my book.

And Rose got it too (@RoseHarwood1):

If you buy the book off Amazon, please remember not to buy it directly from them or you could be waiting 9-11 days. Here’s the link to the book on Amazon. I bought it today from “The Book Depository” as my complimentary copies hadn’t arrived. But I know it’s selling well. Yesterday it reached #3 in the UK. No3 And I was honoured to receive this tweet from Prof Simon Wessely, who is at the Maudsley/Institute of Psychiatry, and President-Elect of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

I’ll be presenting the book to 25 guests in private in Camden on Saturday 15th February 2014. This includes of course Charmaine Hardy whose poppy is on the front cover:

Thanks a lot to Pippa Kelly too (@piponthecommons)

And I look forward to going out for dinner with them in the evening in Holborn.

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