My book launch of ‘Living well with dementia’ at the Arlington Centre, Camden

Well done to Dr Peter Gordon who was great in giving out my ‘Welcome Packs’.

Almost Specialist Registrar standard…

But more seriously it was good to see so many good #Twitter friends in my audience, as I played personal messages by Kate Swaffer and Norman McNamara, and films by Beth Britton and Peter Gordon.  It was a huge delight to catch up with Gill Phillips who gave a superb gift from the group. I especially enjoyed talking to Darren Gormley, whom I’d never met before. It was brill to meet Lee to, for the first time. I really felt amongst research friends too, with Neil Chadborn and Jo Moriarty in attendance. I completely was at one with feelings expressed by Lucy Jane Marsters about aspects we must get right in future, and James Murray-White had a sense of humour I won’t be forgetting in a hurry (top bloke, I hasten to add!)  I learnt a lot from Zoe Harris, and felt I understood her innovation for care, and I felt I had executed my duties in describing the support given by carers.

Whenever I had a despondent moment during my talk, I looked at Shaun Naidoo who at least had the grace to talk at my jokes. It was a honour that Margaret Kilby made it too from Stafford to represent, like Beth, the lived experience of caring for someone extremely close with a dementia.

Above all, the afternoon was dedicated to Charmaine Hardy, Sam and Ben. I organised with some of my guests that we would arrange for Charmaine to come up to London to see us, as we missed her so much today.

I really couldn’t have been happier.

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